Saturday, June 12, 2010

Budos Butt

Last night I was fortunate enough to receive a friend's extra ticket to the Rocks Off Budos Band Boat Cruise. I am not naturally a big fan of boats, but I am a big fan of live music, so I obliged and It was the best decision ever. The music was great but paled in comparison to a chance encounter I had with a Budos Band fan. It was so crazy I had to write a Craigslist Missed Encounter about it: 

You were the Blond wearing an orange dress and a Backpack at the Budos Band Cruise last night, but no underwear... Luckily they were selling "Budos Rising" boyshorts at the Merch Table (Large, Nice). I was already intrigued when I overheard you talking about your commando situation (an interesting choice for a night cruise) but then when you immediately put them on and asked the Merch Girl to take pictures of your butt, I knew I wanted to learn more. I heard the pics were for your boyfriend but I'm sure we can work something out. How about Dinner, then I can take you to Victoria's Secret? 

Yes it happened. Also at one point the coast guard almost pulled our boat over with their boat, then it turns out they were just messing with us.

Song #189: The Budos Band - Scorpion

Friday, June 11, 2010

Song of the Week

I know this site has enough "Reoccuring Segments" already, and this one is definitely not going to hang around and get it's own tag, but I must acknowledge the huge love affair I am having with the Violent Femmes right now. I bought the record off the street downtown somewhere knowing I was going to like it, but not knowing the depths this album, recorded in 1982 in Wisconsin was going to get to me. Man it's awesome. Maybe the best trio since James Gang. Gordon Gano writes such intense songs and the cross between the subdued brushed drums and the high-octane Bass playing just blows me away. Today's song has been on near repeat on my various music playing devices for the entire week. When you Add It Up It's kind of like a more Angsty, Emo, Midwestern version of the Talking Heads without the danceability.  Turns out that's a good thing. 

Song #188: The Violent Femmes - Add It Up

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rained Out

Today started out nice, but ended up a complete washout. It puts me in the mood for the Drunken Horns of The Band. I even think this Album Cover was photographed in the rain. Oh, one more thing, those horns... arranged by the magical Allen Toussaint. You can catch him in Brooklyn on Saturday,  hopefully we'll have better some weather by then.

Song #186: The Band - Unfaithful Servant

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Definitely one of my favorite all-time guitar riffs. It'd be hard to play it without arms.

Song #185: Television - Venus

Monday, June 7, 2010

Root Hub

Last week at The Moon's Skitfest 2010 Exxxtravaganza, they had a great duet between Corn-Mo and Root Hub (Yes these are both things, people to be exact) of the song below. I believe Root Hub is from Hawai'i which explains his reggae influenced, island vibes. Check out his website at

Song #184: Root Hub - Barefoot Nightlife

Sunday, June 6, 2010