Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Full Moon Fever with YACHT

I have been kicking myself for almost a year for missing Yacht at Dekalb Market's Brooklyn Night Bazaar last fall (It was an epic beach day, in OCTOBER.). (Side note: Can Brooklyn Night Bazaar please come back?) Luckily it looks like I'll have a second chance to see my favorite band on Instagram under the stars and a big ole' moon next month.

Beekman Beach Club and Beer Garden will host the LA duo along with Sneaky Sound System and Tesla Boy. The Full Moon celebration takes place on August 30th at the South Street Seaport and is set to  include glammy electro dance jams, fire dancers, delicious food and outstanding views. I am hard pressed to think of a better way to round out summer than dancing with a beer in hand, on a tiny man-made beach under the Brooklyn Bridge, and blaming all of the evening's bad decisions on the lunar phase. You can count me in! Poster and Song below.

YACHT - Distopia (The Earth Is On Fire)

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catalpa Recap // TV On The Radio

One of acts I was most looking forward to seeing was TV On The Radio. Not because I'm a huge fan, but because during my college years, at their height of popularity, I was knee deep in a pile of dusty old vinyl. After missing the entire TVOTR rise to fame, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I was extremely surprised, not only at how much Guitarist Kyp Malone looks like a Koala-Bear, but at the sheer power these guys bring to the stage. 

Lead singer Tunde Adebimpe and multi-tasker David Sitek formed the band while sharing space in the same Brooklyn building. With influences covering Rock, Funk, Punk, and Electronica, the end result had the whole crowd working as one rocking, dancing, undulating organism. Just being part of it was an amazing experience. I would definitely see them live again. My favorite song they played was a straight up toe-tapper called Golden Age. Listen to it and check out viewing more pics below. 

TV On The Radio - Golden Age

Monday, July 30, 2012

Catalpa Recap // Reggae Mon-Day

This weekend I was a guest at the amazing Catalpa Music Festival. It was an outstanding inaugural event from top to bottom, but one of the all time highlights had to be the Reggae Stage.

It may be known to Rasta Mon-Day fans that I have a hot and cold relationship with the king of all reggae greats, Robert Nesta Marley. I have to say though, ever since this weekend it has been nothing but love. The Bob Marley Tribute band above did a beautiful rendition of the following song that has been playing in my head since Saturday. Enjoy a live performance by Bob and a full band (the only noticeable absence is the best of the I-Three's, Marcia Griffiths). You can even take this Mon-Day to the next level by watching the entire 1979 Santa Barbara Concert here.

Stay tuned all week for more pictures and words from Catalpa.

Bob Marley - Is This Love?