Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A long overdue makeover at the blog today. If you read EDAS via Email, RSS, or any other non-url based way, definitely head on over to the Homepage and check out the new look. I have been considering changing the layout for a very long time and I am happy to finally share the BRAND SPANKING NEW everydayanothersong.com with the world. I chucked the old man's bathroom wallpaper in favor of the vinyl look, widened the text margins (allowing for bigger pictures and videos), moved the gadgets to the right-hand side, flipped some sizes, fonts and colors and VIOLA! Feel free to leave any input in the comments section and enjoy the changes!

David Bowie - Changes

Monday, May 23, 2011

We Made It!


It's now May 23rd and unless Raptured-Earth looks exactly like regular Earth and Rapture-coffee tastes exactly like regular coffee, the world is not over. Even though the battle was not without it's sacrifices I was able live a normal weekend, complete with Dental Appointment (all clean!), tUnE-yArDs concert, and watching the Mets get smacked around by their more affluent local counterparts. 

As mentioned above, I spent my Saturday night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with a sublime e-ssociate of mine, Megan, who runs the succulent blog Foodie Can't Fail. Megan turned me on to the genre-shattering work of Merrill Garbus a.k.a tUnE-yArDs before she started turning heads with her dope performance at SXSW. From first listen, I likened it to a Ladysmith Black Mambazo era Paul Simon with a female empowering Tracy Chapman aspect, but those folksters  doesn't cover the amount of work Garbus does, layering her own sounds over themselves to fill the concert hall with one-woman wall of sound. With the occasional help of a bassist and a small horn section, her powerful sound was only rivaled by the energy she brought to the stage.  
Pics via Amanda Hatfield & BrooklynVegan
Check out more pics of the wild show here, as well as the opening band, Buke & Gass, who I loved (Sorry I missed most of Afuche). Ladies, in a world of Britney's, Lindsey's and Rebecca Black's, you'd be kidding yourselves not to jump on the bandwagon and feel the electricity of this self-proclaimed "New Kind of Woman." Guys, this chick ROCKS and if you like anything from Sublime to Sonic Youth to Afrobeat or any other horn  driven World Music, you will thoroughly enjoy the smashing sounds of tUnE-gArBs. If you are either or none of the above, I sincerely suggest you see her live, if you can't, Buy the album and throw it on your most portable Victrola and enjoy the summer.   

tUnE-yArDs - Bizness

BONUS SONG: tUnE-yArDs - Killa