Monday, April 2, 2012

The Nerve

Filligar in the Studio
As we speak, Filligar is bringing American Rock N' Roll back to those who need it, one show at a time. One of my truly favorite bands touring today, I have had the privilege of seeing them crush a sold-out Bowery Ballroom and turn an intimate CMJ show into a modern day Juke Joint. Wise way beyond their years, these guys are soaking in the lessons of this great country and carrying the rich traditions of Chicago Blues with them.

Jook Joint
Filligar's sonic chemistry runs deep, in fact it's in their blood. The band is made up of the Brothers Mathias, twins Teddy and Pete (bass & drums) and younger bro Johnny (lead singer/guitar) and lifelong friend, Casey (keyboards). Even though they are all first generation musicians, that's a DNA compatibility of over 99.9%*. They get their time-tested style by reaching into the Ethnomusicological archives, taking hints from diverse greats ranging from Little Feat to Little Walter, Brahms to The Band. The result is a sound that touches on every human impulse to let go and rock out. No wonder they have dominated my headphones since I first heard them just about a year ago.

Filligar 8/4/11 @ Bowery Ballroom
I have put off writing about them because I feel like my words can barely their insane talent any justice. Thankfully, the Independent Music Awards has taken notice and nominated their latest LP, The Nerve, for Best Rock(/Hard Rock) Album.  To celebrate this honor, Filligar is letting you pay whatever you want to download it by simply clicking that big button below. Would I be the biggest music snob if I said I was not surprised about their nomination. With amazing songs like Gray Area, Health, Robbery, Guilty Good Intentions and Not Gonna Settle, I suggest you pay them the maximum of $25. In fact, I guarantee your money back AND a free banana it will be the best money you spend all year** (read the fine print below). If you think that's a little steep, give them the equivalent of a couple of dranks or throw down on some road grub. Either way, grab the album right now and #FollowFilligar on every type of social media possible (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Spotify) to make sure you see them next time they come to your town. Even though these songs are officially some of the best rock songs of the year, they are nothing until you hear them live. After they've blown you away, tell them #EDAS sent you. 

Despite all the classics I have named above, today's song is my favorite off the B-Side of The Nerve. Tucked all the way three songs from the bottom, is a track I am just infinitely drawn to from start to finish. Enjoy Wild Nature and prepare yourself because my sources tell me that these guys are getting ready to release more material later this year.

Filligar - Wild Nature

Fine Print
*This figure was estimated by an amateur Musico-Scientist***
** Guarantee Not Guaranteed, except for the banana part... Maybe.
*** A Musico-Scientist is a thing I just made up

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

Ray Charles ain't no fool, unless its for you. April already?

Ray Charles - A Foor For You