Friday, December 3, 2010

So I'm 25 (REDUX)

SURPRISE!! I knew I wouldn't be able to kick this habit Cold Turkey. I wish I could use strikethrough in the title because I am certainly not 25 anymore. Now as a 26 year old everything is different... Just kidding.

I've actually been doing a lot of introspection on this anniversary of my birth, wondering to myself, What exactly, if anything, has changed? Well I'm still here aren't I? If you care, you can time travel to exactly one year ago, when a spontaneous neurotic quarter-life crisis lead me to blogspot to create Every Day, Another Song. Heavily inspired by the concept and lyrics of my legitimate, number one favorite song (despite all my other superlatives, Change is my favorite for sure) I decided to embark on a year long journey. I wish I had a deep and clever, yet succinct lesson that I've learned during this experience, but what can I say? It's Life... All I know is, it goes by wildly fast, but there's music in all of it, if you are listening. 

Here are a couple alternate versions of the Song that started it all. The first is an acoustic Jam that takes place with the original Members of Blind Melon, including the late Shannon Hoon, possibly in the previously mentioned Sleepyhouse. The second video is from the band's most recent tour, almost 15 years later, and features Shannon's daughter, Nico on lead vocals. Just shows you how things definitely do change, but how much do they really?

Song #1 REDUX: Blind Melon - Change (Acoustic)

Song #1: Blind Melon with Nico Hoon - Change

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Sorry for all the suspense but I just couldn't think of what to say. It has truly been a pleasure spending the last 365 days with you. Obviously I'm extremely passionate about music and damn proud of it but having the outlet to share my thoughts and inspirations has really taken it to another level. I am sad to announce that this, my 365th consecutive day, a full year after this project was started marks, the end of one chapter and the beginning of another (blissfully less regimented) one. I no longer expect to update this blog Every Day. Fear not because I still plan to post the same awk-thentic streams of consciousness that you may have gotten used to, just with a little more time in between to deepen and fine tune my ideas.  So stay tuned and you might see some old favorites, Biggie Sunday, Rasta Mon-Day and the long forgotten Cover Clash make a comeback. As for now, on the eve of my 26th Birthday, I just need a little space. Thanks again for listening, I hope you enjoyed the soundtrack to my ramblings. See you guys back here soon.

Yours Truly,

Song #365: Joe Cocker - Space Captain

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So tomorrow's the day... I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks glorious.  Here is one the hardest rocking bands I've ever seen (their early stuff only) and the band I've seen live the most (5 times). Rilo Kiley ended most of the shows I saw with this spectacular song... To this day, listening to it still gives chills.

Song #364: Rilo Kiley - Spectacular Views

The last time I saw RK was at Bonnaroo 2005 and they came out for an encore and did a super intimate  acoustic version consisting of just Blake Sennett, Jenny Lewis, one keyboard and one bench. I found a video from about the same time and its definitely a worthy juxtaposition.

BONUS SONG: Rilo Kiley - Spectacular Views (Acoustic)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Listener Request

People always ask me (they never ask me this) "Don't you always get requests from your readers about what songs they want you to post?" Well, interior monologue, I do... in fact that has been one of the most rewarding parts of this project. My love and appreciation of music has inspired others to look inward and share with me the songs and musicians that they are the most passionate about, and that just furthers my interest which, in theory, starts the whole cycle again. 

One of EDAS' most (in)famous commenters has a colorful connection to one of music's most unique specimens, Frank Zappa. I bet he even knows about Zappa's days as a Bike Player.  

Now my interaction with Zappa is far less deep, in fact my only memorable listening experience occurred in the beginning of my freshman year of college. My ahem 'cliche' ahem long distance relationship ahem 'cliche' ahem  with my high school girlfriend ahem 'cliche' ahem  was on the outs ahem 'cliche' ahem just around the time that I really began meeting new people ahem 'cliche' ahem and broadening my horizons ahem 'cliche' ahem , especially musically ahem 'cliche' ahem. Before long, our puppy love had fallen victim to the soulless reaper that was infinite members of the opposite sexand I was ahem 'cliche' ahem pretty bummed. Back then we had a thing called Compact Discs and I popped The Mothers of Invention's album Freak Out and the pure absurdity actually cheered me up. Before long I was back up on the horse. That being said, I hope I don't feel the need to listen to any Zappa in the future, but I still appreciate his zany, post-modern take on Music. Here is my favorite track from the aforementioned Freak Out, one that now I have on brand new, up-to-date technology. 

Luchador Mask by Katie Hodge

Song #363: Frank Zappa - Hungry Freaks Daddy

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rasta Mind, Rasta Soul

If you have been listening at all, you know about Bob Andy. Quantitatively, you may know more about Alton Ellis, but sentimentally and culturally, you should know more about Keith "Bob Andy" Anderson (if you still don't, read my 96th Post). Recently I was pleasantly surprised to see that a favorite magazine of mine, Wax Poetics, came out with a Reggae Issue, but then I was basically floored to see a several page spread on my personal "Reggae Hero." The article is amazing and references all of Bob's influences from Doo Wop stars of the 50's to Sam Cooke to Bob Dylan and beyond. In fact, writer Seb Carayol, who does an extraordinary job, says his collection of Studio One singles Bob Andy's Songbook, "is often considered the island's best songwriting effort of all time." That means a lot when going up Jamaica's Head Honcho, Bob Marley. Anyway I sincerely hope you pick up Wax Poetics, Issue 43, and check it out, it also has articles about other EDAS All-Stars, Alton Ellis, Gregory Isaacs, as well as tons of other key Reggae Kings and Queens. It's bi-monthly so you probably have a few more days to before the next issue comes out, but I would definitely hop to it. 

On this, what very well could be the the final Rasta-Monday... hell, ever. I salute Bob Andy and his unparalleled song writing that, although written and recorded in the infancy of Jamaican Sovereignty, still holds true and offers sound advice today, when listened to almost 50 years later on Saturn's Moon Rhea, where we all live.  

Song #362: Bob Andy - Feeling Soul

I've decided to also include Bob's first big hit, which shot up the charts when struck a chord with all the Jamaican Expatriates who left home, looking for a better life. Interestingly enough, Bob has confessed that the home he references, is actually a state of mind.

BONUS SONG: Bob Andy - I've Got To Go Back Home

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bone & Biggie

After much deliberation, I has been decreed that the final Biggie Sunday of the year (maybe more?) is going to be this supreme collaboration. The honor will be shared between the namesake of this weekly rap sabbath (of course) and the subject of many of my musical curiosities Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. If you recall a few weeks ago I had a post that featured my favorite lines to open songs in what I deemed the Non-Rap Category. This epic masterpiece probably takes the cake for best opening line in the Yes-Rap Category, even though its about 1:15 into the song. 

Song #361: The Notorious BIG & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Notorious Thugs