Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today's post goes out to a very special lady in my life. She has been an important character throughout the last few chapters of the book of my life, by my side since I was a young idiot many years ago (/still today). My partner in art, (some) business, dogcare, life and love, today is an ode to how much she means to me Every Day. Today on the anniversary of her beautiful and from what I hear, somewhat simian-esque birth, I dedicate this song by the lovely Sir PaulMac to his original soulmate and similarly creative fairer-half Linda, to my soulmate and similarly creative half Katie.  I wish you another happy joyous birthday and many more to come. 

All My Love,
Paul McCartney - Long Haired Lady

Friday, August 5, 2011

Filligar Friday

I spent last night backstage at Bowery Ballroom with Chicago's most rockin' youngins, Filligar. These guys are true students of Rock 'N Roll and have quickly become one of my favorite bands of the day not only because of their timeless sound, but also because they are just cool as hell. We got lost in a one hour interview before they rocked a packed house of schloppy fans into sonic ecstasy, broken leg and all. 

The Boys via Filligar's Flickr
Brothers John (Guitar & Vocals), Pete (Drums), and Teddy (Bass) Mathais as well as childhood friend Casey Gibson (Keys), bring a sound foundation of talent and soul to Filligar's live shows and records a like, leaving a trail of hardcore fans behind them as they tour the country. They make a stop tomorrow at the Escape to New York festival (which takes place on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation in the Hamptons) before hitting up another Festival in Maine next weekend. If you can't make it out to either, pick up their newest album, The Nerve, to see where their varied musical influences have taken them at this stage of their career. Don't delay, they way these guys talk, they have no plans on standing still for any amount of time, probably best to get caught up in their whirlwind sooner rather than later. Best of luck to Filligar, especially my boy Pete, and I look forward to hearing much, much more about them in the near (or far) future.

Come back soon for the more of interview and pics from an epic night with Filligar. 

Filligar - Not Gonna Settle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Indian Tattoo

This is the Tattoo I want to get over the entirety of my left upper arm. Other locations I'm considering, Thigh, Calf and Face. Any input??

I'm semi-just kidding, but the above Native illustration is the cover art for a mega under-appreciated album by Full Blooded Kiowa-Comanche Jesse Ed Davis. Davis, who got his start playing guitar for Taj Mahal, but went on to record with such giants as John Lennon, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne and Keith Moon. Initially dubbed a Session Musician, he finally decided to record his self-titled  solo debut in the early 70's. Word on the street is he just brought equal amounts of  recording equipment and contraband and invited Eric Clapton, Gram Parsons and Father Time himself, Leon Russell to join him and just let it rip. The product definitely stands the test of time as you will see below. Jesse Ed Davis, another name in a long line of unsung Native American Musical Heroes.

Jesse 'Ed' Davis - Tulsa County