Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#EDAS Album Review: Thee Oh Sees, Floating Coffin

by Justin (@justasstrazdin)

Label: Castle Face - April 16, 2013

Artist-Fair Shopping: Vinyl/ DL Code

Style: Twist & Mostly Shout, Getting Comfortable, Tripping in a Hot Rod

Audience: Sweaty Folks with One Shoulder Half-Ripped off Their T-Shirts, Echoplex Enthusiasts, Derby Girls

Better Tracks: I Come From The MountainTunnel Time

This is the kind of band people ought to spin at Halloween parties, in-between sets at Knights of Columbus scene shows, or at Laser Tag arenas. Overall, they're better than some near-secret pleasure of the vinylgentsia and download link bloggers. The band has come a ways from their sparser work of the past, and have hardened into a force of tight, spastic, echo-laden freak-out rock that holds down a rocket ship of a rhythm section to drive your psychic surf garage nights, you people who hold DJ nights like that. But, I feel like they said a lot with Castlemania and Carrion Crawler/ The Dream. 2011 was a huge year for Thee Oh Sees in that regard. They have a shitload of albums. Last year's Putrifiers II was good, too. With all this cranking out, Floating Coffin seems to get lost in the bustle as an average, if heavier entry that doesn't seem to add much to all the crazy hard work they put into being a live band, or making music videos, as "Minotaur" (embedded below) has delayed my artsy-fartsy statement that the music video is dead for at least a few months.

Verdict: This Band Works Hard as Shit What Scheduling Software Do They Use

Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur