Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Sunday

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's Super Bowl, it should be quite a battle. In preparation I was reading up and I found a link to, a gabling website with all the silly "Prop Bets" that you can make, like "What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning Coach," "How many times will they show Kim Karsashian," or "How many times will they fully state the phrase 'Hurricane Katrina.'". Then at the bottom of the site, I noticed a bunch of bets involving the Half Time act, The Who.

  • "How many times will Pete Townshend do his legendary windmill move?"
    Over/under 5 1/2
    Over -220 | Under +180
  • "Will a member of the Who smash a guitar on stage during the half time show?"
    Yes +160 | No -200
  • "If any member of the Who smashes their guitar what does the guitar hit first?"
    Floor 1/6 | Speaker 11/2 | Microphone 11/2 | Drummer 200/1 | Fan 200/1

Personally, I would put all my money on them showing Kim Kardashian more than 2 1/2 times. I bet they'll even show Half of her Two and a Half times...

Anyway it has been a destructive few days here at Every Day, Another Song, so continuing with the theme here are tomorrow's Halftime Show acts strutting/smashing their stuff with "My Generation." 

Song #66: The Who - My Generation

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dun Kicked 'em Out

Even though I have put a great amount of time and research into furthering and developing my musical tastes,  I must admit that certain people have had a larger impact on my library than others. One of these people came across in some of my more impressionable years, my old college roommate Dustin introduced me to so much music back in the day. A varied listener in his own right, there was a lot of music I had already listened to in a lesser capacity, but that's when I got really deep into some of the more moving records of my young life. A dominating characteristic overlapped our interests, Authenticity. He loved Hendrix but hated Stevie Ray Vaughan, he lauded Richie Haven's epic (yet sweaty) set to open Woodstock, and most steadfast of all even though I tried with all my might to change his mind, he could not forgive the Beatles for their saccharine-pop roots. I owe him a great amount for the input he has had on my musical journey and my deeper journey as a whole. We may live ways apart but I think about you all the time here in the City. This one goes out to you and that youngblood of yours, Dylan.

Happy Quarter Century Brother

Song #65: MC5 - Kick Out The Jams

Thursday, February 4, 2010

As promised

Nirvana: The state of perfect blessedness attained through the annihilation of the self

Tell me that's not exactly what we are looking at here.

Song #64: Nirvana - School

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yo Quiero Anarchy

Have you every done so much work in a day, that at the end, you can only listen to destructive, angry music? As if your production was actually some sort of dark, anti-establishment, Fight Club-esque plot overthrow The Man? Well, that was my day today... Even though one could say that almost every working person (myself included) works for some incarnation of the man... And it was actually for the betterment of "The Establishment"... And it wasn't that dark out...

and then I came home to this...

Awkward Paws

Oh well that doesn't mean I can't do a little Grunge binge...

Expect more where this comes from (Seattle)... It looks like it could be a busy week.

Song #63: Soundgarden - Fresh Tendrils

Monday, February 1, 2010

And the Winner is...

The winner of the inaugural Cover Clash is... gosh, these envelopes are always so hard to open...


With a hearty 60% of the vote, the reggae originators... Toots and The Maytals earn the first Cover Clash Victory. I have included some photos from the 2007 Toots show I attended and an actual video of the song. A victory lap, if you will. 

Two people are actually doing this move

Song #61: Toots and The Maytals - Johnny Coolman

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Philly Part (III)

Here is the quintessential Philly Rap group. A full band making the beats live, ?uestlove bringing the percussion, Black Thought with the Lyrics... I've seen them twice live, and already a billion times on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Tomorrow back to some New York based normalcy...

Today is the last day to vote for the winner of the first ever Cover Clash. Already a better turnout than Ross Perot.

Song #60: The Roots - The Next Movement