Sunday, March 24, 2013

'100 Days of Chaka Khan' begins, offers peak at forthcoming record

OK, OK, I know that beginning an entry by quoting the Twitter account of a drag queen might be a little obtuse, but I figured the majesty of Chaka Khan required something larger-than-life to frame it accurately—especially considering that we’re now living “100 Days of Chaka.”

It’s not a national holiday—yet—but I’m lobbying my congressman to make it happen.

In case you’re wondering what 100 Days of Chaka is, well, it’s pretty simple. The premise is similar to what we do at EDAS: Every day, Chaka posts a song/video on her website. Along with the video, she adds a note about why she chose the song, how it fits into the context of her life/career/creative process, etc. It's a pretty sexy PR maneuver to promote her new record, The IKahn Project: Alive, due out July 2.