Saturday, February 20, 2010


Another new segment here... LMI, or Last Minute Instrumentals. Sometimes our crack writing staff here at EDAS (yours truly) doesnt have enough time to crank out a full back story, so from now on if it gets down to the last minute, I'm just going to throw up an Instrumental track. No words, no real need for explanation... Just enjoy!

Also definitely remember to vote on yesterday's Cover Clash, its a good'un.

Song #80: MF Doom - Sumac Berries

Friday, February 19, 2010

Light My COVER CLASH #2!

Today is the second installment of EDAS' Favorite series, Cover Clash. Today's contest will be alittle different in that it is a Three-Way, Triangle Death Match... The winner becomes enshrined forever in the Every Day, Another Song: Cover Clash Hall of Fame for the battle over... LIGHT MY FIRE!

In the Red Corner...
The OG's of "The Fire," Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Kreiger and some other dude (least famous member, drummer John Densmore), collectively known as The Doors.

The second single from their 1967 debut album really helped them "Break On Through" since it was the first ever Elektra Single to hit number 1, selling over a million copies. The real story with The Doors' version stems from a performance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1967 where Mr. Sullivan demanded that Morrison and Company omit the lyric "Higher" since at that time you weren't allowed to use such broadly defined English words with any vernacular connotations on TV. In "The End" for whatever reason, Jim Morrison sang the original lyrics and The Doors were subsequently banned from The Ed Sullivan Show forever. Morrison's Response: "Hey man, so what? We just did the Ed Sullivan Show"

In the Blue Corner...
Representing the World Music Team. Puerto Rican born, but Spanish Harlem raised, Jose Feliciano.

This version, released just two years after the original on his album Feliciano, catapulted the Latin Guitarist to worldwide stardom. He even won two Grammy Awards, one for "Best New Artist" and the other for his version of "Light My Fire" which actually took home the trophy for "Best Male Pop Song." In my opinion, Feliciano's success comes from his delicate balance between expressing his own Latin-Blues style, and maintaining the integrity of the original Doors song. His non-American influences really contribute to what separates his recording from the hundreds and maybe thousands of covers that are out there. Regardless of this Cover Clash outcome, Jose's album is amazing and features more covers including selections from The Beatles and The Mamas & The Papas, so don't be surprised if we come across him again.

And finally, the Third Challenger in this Three-Way Battle, in the GREEN Corner...

The Reverend... Al Green
Al Green is definitely one of my favorite singers/stories. Originally a tail chasing Soul Singer, Green turned into a man of God when an affair with an already married woman became a nightmare. Although she was already hitched, she allegedly dowsed him in boiling hot grits when he refused to marry her, giving him third degree burns over much of his body, before killing herself inside his Memphis home in 1974. Al Green took this experience as a message from God that he had to clean up his ways and straighten up. The Irony is that earlier in the year, Al Green had climbed the charts with his hit single, "Let's Get Married." CRAZY! Nevertheless, Green's gospel infusion probably helped the longevity of his career as he is said to have sold more than 20 Million Albums worldwide. His version of "Light My Fire" comes in the years before his metamorphosis, off his 1971 release, Al Green Gets Next To You. The best part of his song, contrary to Feliciano's attempt, is the complete lack of Doors integrity. The song is slowed down to the max and carried exclusively by Green's Memphis style Soul, the uniqueness of which makes this song a valid competitor to its successful predecessors.

Who gets the Gold and the Glory this time? Listen and Vote!

The Doors Original Version (1967)

Jose Feliciano's Version (1969)

Al Green's Version (1971)

Who does it best?

Song #79/ Cover Clash #2: Light My Fire

Cover Clash #2: Light My Fire

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zydeco Ballin'

One of my favorite phrases ever... Zydeco Ballin'. It is also the name of an album from Louisiana Zydeco troupe Cajun Lil' Nathan and The Zydeco Big Timers. In this record, Nate Williams Jr. asks the eternally burning question... Where the Zydeco At? Well, today it's right here at Every Day, Another Song.

Sorry about the quality but good/rare album art is hard to find.

Song #78: Cajun Lil' Nathan and The Zydeco Big Timers - Where the Zydeco At?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lil' Bro

Today is my little brother's birthday and I want to wish him the freshest, happiest birthday. He used to be my much little-er brother, but he now towers over me both in height and bravado. He and I have been on the same team in everything from actual sports, to meaningless adventures to meaningful adventures and all sorts of trouble in between. Here we are with Magic Ben. For All Your Parking Needs

Anyway my brother has been the best audience a creative person could have and he is definitely a big inspiration for me to continue in my various exploratory pursuits. He is set to make a direct impact and save the world through focusing on Wildlife Conservation and making sure that our animal brethren are able to enjoy this beautiful planet as much as we Homo Sapiens Sapiens get to. He is a great, hilarious, super bright character who I am proud to call my partner in crime. Happy Birthday David!


In honor of the kid, a song from the Pre-Cuba Gooding (Yes, Cuba Gooding Junior's Dad) era of The Main Ingredient. This Album, LTD is a hidden treasure, inspired by early 50's and 60's vocal groups with excellent production and instrumentation. These kids out of Harlem hit all their notes and harmonies behind original Lead Singer, Donald McPherson, who fell ill and suddenly died shortly after the album was released. Although Cuba Gooding Senior's regime was kicked off with their Mega-Hit, "Everybody Plays the Fool," there is definitely something to be said for the moment in time that was captured on this record. To David... and ok you too Cuba's.
Song #77: The Main Ingredient - Brotherly Love 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Apologies to Louis & Barry

Dedicated Reader Louis pointed out that I left off Mr. Love Unlimited himself, Barry White, from the sensuous mix I created that has been circling the Interwebs (found here). Although there might not be a legitimate justification for this omission, I will say that my reasoning was to mix it up enough that all sorts of varied Love-Makers could enjoy the mix. But after looking back, and listening to a whole lot of Mr. White, I have seen the error of my ways.

Here is a man who, although he has become (in terms of semiotics) a cliché symbolic of only his most famous works, is probably one of the best composers and conductors of the previous millennium. His dedication to music and love as a life's work can not be overlooked, nevermind that exceptional baritone voice. One time he even used his epic vibrato to drive all the snakes out of Springfield.

St. Blacktric?

In summation, Barry White should not be left off any mix of any sort, love, breakup, workout, shopping, eating, dog walking, lallygagging or spelunking. Do you think I left a song off of my mix? Do you have a special song that gets you in "the mood?" Please make like Louis and put it in the comments and lets see if we can't get a community mix going, huh? Lets take this (Love's) Theme as far as it can go, why stop now?

Song #76: Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby

Monday, February 15, 2010

Really Together, But Not Really

I hope you enjoyed all your respective Valentine's Days (Especially YOU Mongolia... Don't think I didn't see your hit yesterday). I spent my day writing a playlist of "Songs to Make Love To" for another website. You can find that link by clicking the warning sign below, but I warn you the website is of NSFW-ish, Mature subject matter, and the songs are EXTREMELY sexy. Click If You Dare

More importantly, during my research noticed the difference between songs for love, and songs about love. However certain singers or groups (or duos) have the ability to create music so overflowing with emotion, that it contains elements of both romance and seduction. The all time best example of this in my opinion, would have to be the Jamaican Singing team of Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths. Between Bob Andy, who is just an unreal singing, writing and producing talent who played a huge role in the progression Jamaican Music, especially Rocksteady, and Marcia Griffiths, who has already been mentioned multiple times thus far here at EDAS as one of the strongest and sexiest singers in the history of the world. What is more, the sensual synergy between the two of them is palpable, if not borderline transcendent. But as it turns out, it is more of a musical collaboration than a profound relationship, but listening to the beautiful music they made (and gladly still make over 30 years later) still gives me chills and has me thinking second thoughts. How could they possibly sing so intimately together and not fall in love?

Tell me these kids don't look like they are in it Deep.

Maybe I'm wrong, but this song should probably have you thinking otherwise as well. More from my personal reggae hero Bob Andy to come.

Song #75: Bob & Marcia - Really Together

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Every Day, Another Song

May you be surrounded by love this St. Valentines Day. I couldn't decide which of these two songs comes in at Number One, so I have decided to have one for the Guys and one for the Ladies (whatever configuration of it is up to you). We have on one side, the satin voiced, Miss LaVern Baker, and as a Bonus, a previously mentioned but uber-underrated Soul Man, Eddie Bo.

LaVern & Eddie

Song #74: LaVern Baker - Soul On Fire

BONUS SONG: Eddie Bo - Come To Me