Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come Undone

Welcome back #EDAS pal, Sal, back for another guest post...

"Come Undone" is the 4th track off of the third full length collaboration album (Hawk) between Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell. Both Lanegan and Campbell have developed an exceptional repertoire prior to teaming up for what have been three masterfully composed and poetic tours de force.

Isobel Campbell
Campbell, a multi talented singer of Scottish descent, was formerly a member of Belle & Sebastian, however it did not take long before her celestial vocals found the spotlight on her first solo album under her own name, 2003's Amorino. Currently she has released four solo albums to date, two of which are under the pseudonym The Gentle Waves. Not only does she have an angelic voice, but there is something about her that makes you want to wake up in the same room as her.

Mark Lanegan
Mark Lanegan, a ghost of grunge's past, is probably remembered and endeared by some for his vocals/lyrics in the band he formed in the late 80's, The Screaming Trees. From the start of his career, Lanegan's voice has been one of the most highly recognizable baritones in the business and more often then not, his vocals are a suitable companion to his dark lyrics. Much like Campbell, it did not take long before Lanegan released his first solo album, 1990's Winding Sheet, released on Sub Pop.

In teaming up for this song, the duet have managed to channel the middle ground between heaven and hell, good and evil, dark and light, all while vocalizing over the oscillating piano medley of James Brown's It's a Man's Man's Man's World. However it is not long before that middle ground is lost and the lyrics bring you back to reality where seemingly the characters in the song realize they can't have it both ways, but not before a prolonged struggle.

It is easy to get lost in the sway of the vintage composition, but more rewarding is the story in the lyrics as Mark Lanegan's deep voice pulls Isobel Campbell's soulful whisper to a darker place.

-Sal DeSiena
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Come Undone

Monday, June 20, 2011


This Saturday, Tennessee's Terrible Twosome, JEFF The Brotherhood come back to destroy NYC once again. Last time Jake and Jamin were in town, I caught them at Santos Party House where they... well I'll just show the picture exactly as I remember it (see if you can spot me, having the best time ever recorded on film). 
(slightly altered) pic via VillageVoice

TRUST ME! JEFF is one of the hottest bands out there right now. Their raw powerful energy and non-stop touring, playing over 200 shows a year including big-time festivals like Bonnaroo & SXSW, has got people noticing like world-owning rap mogul Jay-Z who recently repped JTB on his site. JEFF is as real as it gets, follow them on twitter or blogspot, peep their indie label, buy their brand new album WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (which comes out tomorrow) or come see them on the current leg of their never-ending tour at 285 Kent this Saturday. Check out their brand new vid that I'm pretty sure was taped at the very show I was at in March.

JEFF The Brotherhood - Hey Friend