Saturday, June 1, 2013

EDAS Exclusive Debut: Sal DeSiena's "Heart of Queens"

North a bit on beautiful Hudson resides the anomalous mind of friend, Sal DeSiena. After a little encouragement, he began recording assorted compositions, on his own, in his makeshift studio in Poughkeepsie. It has been a interesting to watch this young solo career progress and I am happy to see a Soundcloud with his name on it pop up recently. 

Sal has been a great friend to the blog since the beginning and today, on his birthday, I am happy to announce the debut of his newest composition, A Heart For Queens. I'm fairly certain that this one has not been posted anywhere else, so in honor of my compadre on his birthday, give it a listen. He has a great feel for those ambient ghostly sounds and has recently incorporated some great percussion skills into the mix. I look forward to seeing what grows from the musical seeds he is currently planting. 

Sal DeSiena - A Heart For Queens

Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Song: Status Quo, "Pictures of Matchstick Men"

I've been living in this sugar-cube guitar lick for days. Here's a psych-out classic from Status Quo.  

Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Country Way: Shovels and Rope's "O' Be Joyful." Opening for Dawes at T5 June 22nd.

Charleston, South Carolina's Shovels and Rope is my favorite band of last year (Le1f probably gives them a run for the money, but he's not really a "band" per se). Unfortunately, I missed my chance to see them at last summer's Nelsonville Music Festival, in the hills of southern Ohio. For that, this is my mea culpa. I am a dummy. 

I assumed, wrongfully, that the band's name meant they were some kind of Bauhaus-ripoff death-gaze acid-house metal rehash. I was wrong, learned my lesson, and now I am beyond excited to see them when they open for Dawes at Terminal 5 on June 22nd. (Highlights of last summer's Nelsonville fest included Andrew Bird, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Iron and Wine, Jordan O'Jordan and Dark Dark Dark -- but that's better saved for another post. Also Nelsonville 2013 happens to begin today with a great line-up, make sure to check it out, if you are in the area)

I didn't know anything about Shovels and Rope before I got to Nelsonville. The only time I'd heard of them was during a conversation I'd overheard between a 30-something father and his young daughter, still in a stroller.
"Where we going, Daddy?"
"We're going to go see Shovels and Rope. Can you say 'Shovels and Rope?'"
"Suvvels an Wope, Dad?"
"Yes, that's where we're going."
*Dad takes long drink of beer*
That taught me not to judge a band by its name, because most band names are stupid anyway. So, here's "O' Be Joyful," the only song I've ever heard that uses "That country way," as a euphemism for, uh, ladyparts. Also, this is my favorite live performance of the song, with the extra bonus that it was filmed at Electric Lady Studios. History!

Shovels and Rope - O' Be Joyful

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Filligar to Play Gramercy Theatre this Saturday. Listen to their newest single off their upcoming album, Hexagon. Album Art, Tracklist & Release Date Below.

It has been a little while since we last heard from our favorite band of brothers, Filligar. A summer ago, the boys were traveling this great country opening for the Counting Crows. These days, their tour van Dee Dee is back on the road, supporting their long awaited follow-up to their barn burner The Nerve (click for free download). I have just received word that their newest LP, Hexagon will be released July 23rd on the great looking Decade Records.

Casey, Teddy, Johnny & Pete
New Local, opens with a piano intro by Casey Gibson, who, for my money, plays the best keys in the business. The rest of the band is comprised of the incredibly talented and hard working Mathias brothers, Johnny, Teddy and Pete. The whole gang stops by the famed Gramercy Theatre this Saturday Night, June 1st) to remind us city folk that they are the best live rock and roll band out there today. If you can't attend this weekend, I have included the rest of their tour dates below, including NY's Mountain Jam and a swing through Azerbaijan. A new album from Filligar is just another reason I can't wait to get this summer started. I look forward to rocking out to their music well into the next deep freeze. 

Filligar - New Local

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ivan & Alyosha Embark on Tour of Biblical Chapter Proportions

Ivan & Alyosha Demonstrate Vocal Harmony
(Artist's Rendition)
If Grizzly Bear was a fringe Christian rock band that really liked U2 and was good at sticking to the plan, they would have been Ivan & Alyosha, who finally put out a great debut full-length back in February that plays like the latest Dawes record. Start applying for those beach fire permits. They have been on my radar since their 2009 EP The Verse, The Chorus, but took far more than forty days and forty nights to get into the album game after two excellent EPs. They now embark on a month long journey to teach us all how to swoon again with couples-friendly rock. Amen. [Click "Read More" for tour dates]

Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Song: King Tuff - Baby Just Break

by Justin @justasstrazdin

Who doesn't love acoustic rave ups? Perhaps today--while grilling the sausages or stirring the macaroni salad that everyone brought to your party as safe choices--you can spin this cow punking slice of garage pop from one of its fine contemporary contributors, King Tuff, while storming through bowls and Tecates under the sun and pondering how many episodes of Arrested Development you will session tonight.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Action Bronson: Strictly 4 My Jeeps

Action Bronson is one of my favorite rappers out there today. Fresh off his stellar performance at Peter Rosenberg's XXL 2013 Freshman Show, he has released a new single that really shows off the strongest aspects of his multifaceted and lovable personality. 

This larger than life, red-bearded, Albanian Jew from Queens used to be a well respected chef but dropped the apron and picked up the mic. His good humor, dope vocab and penchant for big ladies got him a sweet deal from VICE Records and he has been all over the place lately. Usually getting signed means he will be stepping his game up from mixtapes like Rare Chandeliers and Blue Chips, to a potential big deal album drop. With an official release likely coming I'd like to see what Action Bronson can really cook up with the right ingredients.

Action Bronson - Strictly For My Jeeps