Saturday, September 1, 2012

Full Moon Party with Yacht!

Last night, under the full moon and the best view on this island, Portland duo Yacht played the perfect set at Beekman Beer Garden to celebrate summer’s end. It was fantastic to get my feet in the sand one last time, especially amidst glowing couches, Brooklyn skyline, and a lot of incredibly good looking people. Strong, delicious, dark and stormy’s from event sponsor Sailor Jerry and the perfect weather kept my inner old-lady from kvetching about the late-ish (after 11 p.m. on a school night?!) start time.

The set itself was fantastic - energetic, fun, and significantly more polished than I expected. I mean, just when you think a girlcrush can go no further, Claire L. Evans comes out in ying-yang bike shorts! The set crescendoed with their sing-along anthem, Dystopia, but it was fantastic to hear some older jams. (I’ve been a fan since I heard Yacht remix Hock It by The Blow.) It was an excellent dance party to behold, in the glow of incandescent triangles and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

My only gripe? I think it’s so weird that Beekman has bottle service going on on the beach while shows are going on. Serious cognitive dissonance: watching bottles of absolute with sparklers taped to them being served while a Yacht, band who advocates for free technology, and anti-consumerism sings ironically, “We want all that stuff, all that stuff that costs too much.”

All in all an amazing evening. Matte really knows how to throw a party. Yacht really knows how make that party, party HARD!