Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today is the birthday of one James "The Beard" Beard, who you may remember from last March when he took EDAS for a week-long spin. Don't worry, he brought it back in tip-top shape. A modern day Super-Hero, he is faster than a speeding subway train (pursuant to the current MTA Cutbacks); more powerful than the aforementioned subway train (Once again... budget cuts) and able to grow Tall Beards in a Single-Beard! (even though currently he kicks it baby-smooth) Besides that he loves Space and can rock the shit out of a Vest. 

James Beard in 8-Bit Space

Besides the above mentioned super-powers, James has a passion for eccentric jams as he showcased here just under a year ago. The last time we talked with our brains, he mentioned one of the hardest working duos in history of recorded or performed music, Stax Records' own, Sam and Dave. If all you know about the "Sultans of Sweat" is "Soul Man" you are doing yourself a gigantic disservice. These guys set the tone for the entire Memphis 60's sound, never mind the fact that they set the bar for how to put on a show for years to come.

Sam & Dave - You Don't Know Like I Know