Tuesday, June 28, 2011


For more than two years one of the best secrets in NYC has been The Moon, an old timey medicine show that takes place twice a month in the back of a Williamsburg shanty. This Thursday night, the hottest ticket in town (since Saturday's Jeff The Brotherhood/ F*cked Up show) is getting ripped at  92YTribeca as New York's most underrated (and least disgusting) venue hosts Brooklyn's Best Variety Show for the first time. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW because this time the Moonkids have pulled out all the stops, bringing with them some of the best comedians, entertainers, rappers, funkers and puppets the scene has to offer. Nat Towsen, the Co-Host of The Moon, is actually one of my best buds and I got him to take a few Moon-Minutes out of his day sit down for #EDAS' first ever interview:
Nat (right) and Myself circa 2007
Photo by Katherine Hodge
MK: Is it true you were raised a clown?
NT: Both of my parents were clowns, but I'm agnostic.
MK: You know I’m afraid of clowns. When they eventually revolt against their homo sapien brothers, who’s side are you on?
NT: I'd probably wait it out and see who looks like they're winning and try to pass for that
MK: So you're saying you are a "fair-weather homo sapien?" 
NT: I guess so... Are you trying to get me to declare that I am no longer a human? I think your fear is making you into some anti-Clown radical.
MK: Well I don't consider myself anti-anything, but I have no trouble admitting I won't be joining the Million Clown March anytime soon.

MK: How would you describe your show, The Moon, to let’s say, an undiscovered native people living deep within the Jungles of Papua New Guinea?
NT: I'd say, it's kind of like The Muppet Show. You guys have The Muppet Show, right? Oh, Jesus... You guys have Jesus, right? No? Well then I have some Good News for you. 
Actually, I'd say that it's a bunch of my friends and I getting together and acting out a story we've written with comedy, music, dance, clown, and other types of guests interspersed. There are videos and cartoons, recurring segments and characters, and alcohol available for purchase. Plus here's a here's a Code for Two bucks Off!
The Kombai People of Papua New Guinea... Not Amused
MK: What excites you about the comedy industry?
NT: Right now, we're seeing a major resurgence in the popularity of comedy. This time, it's a lot more varied, and a lot more creative and abstract, rather than the fairly standardized club-style comedy of the last comedy boom in the late '80s. A lot of the so-called "alternative" comedians of the last decade are now creating major television and film comedy, so there's almost an over-abundance of good comedy coming out now. Hopefully it doesn't crash before I find a way to exploit it.

MK: Where do you think you and your partner Bob Walles stack up in terms of famous duos?
NT: I'd like to think we're in between the Righteous Brothers and the Smothers Brothers. But realistically, we probably stack up just above Hall and Oates and just below Snap and Crackle, ever since Pop died.
Bob & Nat (pic by Rene Encarnacion)
MK: Who is your dream Moon Musical Guest?
NT: Biz Markie. He's a rapper, DJ, beatboxer, singer, collector, lunatic, and one of the funniest dudes alive. I might explode if I ever see him in person. I hope he reads this, but the rumor is that he's never been on the internet.

MK: Last Question: Are you still mad that I put up a website of Dog T-shirts that say "Nat’s A Bitch"?
NT: Furious!

So there we go, if you are anywhere near NYC this Thursday, make sure your bring your self and anyone else you love to 92YTribeca for an evening with The Moon. Cost of admission gets you sketch comedy duo Kurt & Kristen, old school funnyman Todd Barry, alt-rapper MC Chris, the tunes of CSC Funk Band, Puppets by Puppetyranny, Videos by Everything is Terrible, a super secret Pale & Baby-esque special guest and most likely, a little drunken heckling by Yours Truly. Have you gotten your tickets yet? If not click the dog!
"Use the code 'CBC Fans' to receive $2 Wooff!"
See you Thursday!

Canned Heat - Poor Moon