Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Spin: Jeff Beck's "Beck-Ola" (1969)

If you have worn out all the grooves on your Led Zep records, you will definitely appreciate this dusty fingered a classic from the Godfather of heavy British blues, Jeff Beck. Astute listenered may also recognize some future Faces in Ronnie Wood on bass and the good ol' pipes of a young Roderick Stewart.  

Jeff Beck Group - Beck-Ola (Full Album)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Denver Dalley Takes the Lead On His New Statistics Album "Peninsula", Due This June.

Wednesday night at the amazing Har Mar Superstar concert, I was honored to receive a super secret gift by gentle giant, Denver Dalley. Well, if you promise not to tell, maybe I can let you in on just a little bit of it.

Enjoy your beautiful Friday with a funky dance-rock tease from the first Statistics album since 2005. This track actually features an added dash of Har Mar, who will be appearing next Tuesday my favorite comedy show The Moon. Dalley's latest, titled Peninsula, should arrive next month from the lovely Afternoon Records. The album title echos Dalley's laidback yet jetsetting nature, and I love it extra because it makes me think of this funny Simpsons moment. 

Have a great Friday but make sure to come back tomorrow. We're fixin' to get back to our old, every day, ways.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

#EDAS Album Review: Mikal Cronin, MCII

by Justin (@justasstrazdin)

Label: Merge – May 7, 2013
Artist-Fair Shopping: Merge Site

Style: Lesson in Summer Rock, Throwback Soda,
Rock N' Roll High School Reboot 

Audience: Your 90's Friends,
Your 10's Friends,
Kids Driving Nowhere All Night Gas Prices Be Damned

It does not happen all the time, but I sometimes pine for a record that sounds all 90's, loves the 70's, but could also pass for a throwback to garage pop from 2001. This loosely ties to my fantasy of an alternate universe where it is bizarro 1978 forever, I'm tearing it up in high school (I wasn't born yet), everyone has tube socks or kickass jeans, power pop is the only genre, and Big Star is the highest power. Yet some may question how sustainable or relevant a garage pop record is in 2013, when buzz blog forces continue to assault all forms of guitar's sanctity.

Don't despair, Mikal Cronin will fight for your right to tastefully rock. He knows that you can't have an ethereal avant-synthpop pool party this summer—you need to trick your friends who still heavily rotate Stone Temple Pilots CD-R mixes into finding common ground beyond Wavves with music made after 1998. It is noble of Cronin to craft an album that moves bodies, with a pile of nods to the 70's and 90's, and a solid economy to all of the mixes. I'm often wary of a love at first listen release, but this album plays its parts well. Cronin covered any garage pop deficiencies you may have this summer while you cruise a coastal highway, shoot Instagram selfies on an empty stomach, or order a large ice cream cone with three toppings.

Verdict: Like Eating Pizza in a Pool and You're So Making Out Later Tonight

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lelia Broussard's "Hipster Bitch": Making Fun of Hipsters Before It Was Cool

According to today's New York Post, "42 percent of American voters have an unfavorable opinion" of hipsters, "the bike-riding, vintage-clothes-wearing subculture...(that) soullessly appropriate cultural tropes from the past for their own ironic amusement."

Looks like the suspender-wearing, local-organic-lacto-ovo-pescetarians are taking it on the chin again. 

What gives? Slow news day? Lelia Broussard has been having a laugh at hipsters' expense for years with "Hipster Bitch," a song that (so far as I can tell) was written sometime pre-2007. Remember? Back before the recession hit and Britney opened the MTV Video Music Awards mid-breakdown? Oh, those halcyon days. 

Take a listen. In addition to crafting a near-perfect pop tune (and, to my knowledge, the only person to use “Fuckin’ Williamsburg,” in a song), Broussard has toured extensively with the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and Bess Rogers and competed on NBC’s The Voice last year. (She was booted after belting half of Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over,” during a sing-off. I thought she nailed it.)

Nevertheless, she’s a killer vocalist and a fine musician who proves that there are women singer/songwriters out there who can do more than ape Ani DiFranco or craft butt-hurt self-indulgent lyrics about bodies of water, tears, horses, pickup trucks and “Gowns shaped like pastries.” 

I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift.   
"Daisy Dukes must be back in style. She walks in, she walks up and owns the bar. Her and my former flame are the picture of lust, eyes lock, their bodies intertwine. They’re so, so inappropriate, baby. I can’t compete, I’ll never win."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#EDAS Album Review: Har Mar Superstar, Bye Bye 17. Watch Him Disrobe Tomorrow @ LPR.

by Matt (@bones_jones)

Out Now on Cult Records

Artist-Fair Shopping: CD / iTunes

Style: Neo-Neo Soul,
Throwback Jams,
Life of the Party,

Audience: Both Sam & Dave,
Motown, Stax & Chess Recordheads,
Ladies Who Frequent Chippendales

Better Tracks: Restless Leg, Prisoner,
We Don't Sleep,
Everywhere I'm Local,
Late Night Morning Light

This dude is wacky as hell, but he definitely knows his stuff. It's almost as if he spent his early days listening to warped old soul records. Thanks to the internet, I was able to trace Sean Tillman's musical genesis from his hardcore roots with the Minneapolis band Calvin Krime, to his Snark Rock antics as Sean Na Na, to his latest and greatest character Har Mar Superstar.

This incarnation begins as a fully suited, slightly balding Soul Man and ends as a sweaty naked guy doing headstands. A blind man might think he was listening to a contemporary of Al Green, Otis Redding or Marvin Gaye, but it is in fact the exact opposite; a chubby white guy from now. His newest release, Bye Bye 17, arrived courtesy of Julian Casablancas' Cult Records, and it is a drop dead winner. It brings back all the feelings you get when you listen to your favorite Motown Record. This album caters to almost every classic or current music fan with straight up dance jams, old timey malt-shoppe classics, and songs that make you want to sit on the dock of the bay. I have kept this album spinning since its release last month.

I am posting this review now because tomorrow night, Har Mar and Crew bring the party to New York City as they take the stage at the swanky Le Poisson Rouge. For all the compliments he gets on his recordings, he gets ten times as many for his one of a kind performance style. This is where his history as a rocker begins to show. His stage presence seems to be a cross between James Brown and Lux Interior and that is a combination I can't bear to miss. This unique stagecraft, combined with a band that features some straight up all-stars (including one of my personal favorite musicians and all around people, Denver Dalley of Desaparecidos on Bass) make for an unmissable show. Get tickets to tomorrow night's NYC show HERE before the prices go up. Make sure to listen to the hit single below which Har Mar dedicates to one of his idols, Sam Cooke. The title comes from the last words Cooke ever spoke before his tragic death. See you at LPR tomorrow night. Until then, don't forget to congratulate us on our 500th post and enter our contest to win some really cool stuff.

Verdict: Good enough to be from the 1960's, listen to it until the 2060's.

Har Mar Superstar - Lady You Shot Me

Monday, May 13, 2013

500th Post // Name That Face!!

After running through some analytics, it has come to my attention that this right here, is Every Day Another Song's 500th Post! I remember when I started this music discovery site, I was just a man with a dream and a whole bunch of music to ramble on about. Now, almost three and a half years later, I can barely count all the unique experiences I have shared with some of the most talented and nicest people in the music industry today. 
500 was my Number
I wouldn't have been able to persevere through all the late nights (and subsequent rough mornings) if it were not for all the hard-working PR firms that continue to get me on these lists, my rag-tag guest writers, my friends, family and finally, the tens of thousands of EDAS readers who keep coming back to hear and enjoy what we have to say.  To celebrate such an unprecedented milestone, I have made a photocollage of some of my favorite #EDAS moments. See how many of these faces you can guess. If you think you know your stuff, then put your money where your fingers are and shoot me an email @ with the subject #EDAS @ 500!  In order to be eligible, I ask that you  become a fan of EDAS on Facebook (if you aren't already) and send in your answers by May 27th, 2013. The fan who sends in the most correct answers will receive the first ever, one-of-a-kind, #EDAS Prize-Pack. 

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