Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday John

Do You See Him?

Today is John Lennon's 70th Birthday. He is far and away one of the most influential people in recent social history and has done so much for Music, Peace, Love and New York. I consider myself a huge fan of his work and even more-so, his attitude and lifestyle.

There are so many celebrities and especially today most of them are basically created in some Public Relations test tube, ready to change their look, style or sound at the drop of a hat. John came to represent the beauty and necessity in being oneself. Throughout his career, from The Quarrymen, to Mop-Topped Beatles, to the tripped-out, Walrus-era Beatles, to the fur coat-wearing, 'We know this is the end of something big' Beatles, then onto his Solo Imagine Days and then in his later years, his Rockabilly Renaissance (Don't forget his Lost Weekend away from Yoko that actually lasted a year and a half), John said and sang what he thought and never thought twice about it. He claimed that he, and a group of cockney minstrels were "More Popular Than Jesus" and when the records started burning, he didn't even back down from that comment, he just kind of refined it. I would have no problems claiming that he is one of the most talented songsmiths and role models a person could come across. Now I'm not going to make comparisons, but have your heard Jesus' albums... It's pretty much crap (although some of the early stuff is good). 

Today I take a small time out on what would be his 70th Birthday to thank him for his contributions to Music and Humanity, my two favorite things.

John Lennon 1940 ~ 1980

Song #304: John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth

BONUS SONG: John Lennon - Steel and Glass 

Friday, October 8, 2010


MAN that was a long one. The past two days I had to be at Market Analysis Class for the whole day starting at 8:30 am. Even though it sucks to be racking your brain so early in the morning, it feels good to be on the Grind. This De La track inspires even the most committed of work ethics.

This is me now.

Song #303: De La Soul - The Grind Date

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back to School

I found myself back in classes today. Nothing like going back to school...

Song #301 - Chuck Berry - School Days

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


300 Days….  Now that I'm heading into the Home Stretch, I better choose the remaining songs carefully. All of a sudden the sun is going down the Twilight is setting in. Don't start sleeping on Every Day, Another Song just yet, there's time to listen to well over 20,000 songs in the 65 days left before the year is up.

Song #300 - The Band - Twilight

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High Tide Mark

As I said yesterday, Blondie shot the Paragons out of the water by taking their song to Number One.

Song #299 - Blondie - Tide is High

Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Known Fact

Little Known Fact: One of Bob Andy's first gigs was singing and arranging for early Rocksteaders, The Paragons.

Little Known Fact: The Paragons also sang the original version of "Tide is High" which Blondie later rode to the top of the charts.

Little Known Fact: The first 30 seconds of today's song used to be my Phone Ring during College (until a very awkward incident. Remember to turn 'em on silent, people).

Song #298: The Paragons - My Best Girl

BONUS SONG: The Paragons - Tide is High

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Juicy Fruit

I returned from a long day at Wilken's Fruit & Fir Farm with delicious, juicy apples by the bushel.

Reminds me of this hilarious 80's classic that was re-cut into one of the biggest rap hits of all time.

Song 297: Mtume - Juicy Fruit

BONUS SONG: Biggie: Juicy