Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deerhoof Drops Their New Album, "Breakup Song." Will You Catch Their Rebound?

Posted By Megan

Maybe it's because of this lackluster, grey, jungle weather, or the fact that it's Thursday of the longest short week ever, but this new Deerhoof album is precisely what I needed. Breakup Song, released earlier this week is diverse, significantly more accessible than their other work, fun as hell, and a perfect end of summer album. It's all here, from Sleigh Bells-esque grunty guitar riffs in jams like "We Do Parties", "There's That Grin" is dramatic and dynamic and funky with bursts of world drums, airy and sweet vocals from Satomi Matsuzaki on "Fete D'Adieu", vintage sounding sax on the latin vibed "The Trouble with Candyhands", and zonk-out speedy tech bleeps on "Bad Kids to the Front."

My favorite track is "Flower", dancey and catchy as hell with a hook that is straight off a Jackson 5 single.

Catch Deerhoof at Music Hall of Williambsurg on September 17th with Mirel Wagner and the fantastic, gritty and creative Buke and Gase. Tickets here.

Deerhoof - Flower