Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How do you deal with the Rain?

It is storming here in the city. I woke up and it was pitch black and all I could here were the sounds of rain on the window. The weather usually dictates the music I listen to for the day, especially when it's bad/existential. Rain usually accentuates the ethos of The Blues, as it does for Country. Rain and Jazz also pair up well, probably due to the improvisational nature of both. However there is a grossly under-appreciated Rain-Genre out there, it especially mixes well with the Matrix-like Green Sky we are having. GRUNGE! Grunge came roaring out of Seattle and the Greater Northwest in the 1990's, when the area averaged 150 days of Rain per year. In fact in 1992 Seattle had 20 Consecutive days of rain, its also the year Nirvana's "Nevermind" reached #1 on the charts... Coincidence?

Regardless, I'm not going to go with Nirvana in this situation even though I was Kurt Cobain for Halloween. I've heard rumblings of these guys possibly reuniting in the near future. Chris Cornell writes a mean rain track. In this example you can really see the duality between Cornell's crazy, reserved grunge voice, and his skin peeling screams. Enjoy.

Song #7: Soundgarden - The Day I Tried to Live

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  1. somehow I've never really listened to these guys. I guess that hole's a little to gaping