Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Northeast has been completely covered in snow, and just like almost everything around here, I am sorry to announce that Biggie Sunday has been snowed out. It is just to much of a winter winterland out there to ignore it in today's song choice. Last night there were over 6 standing inches of snow almost everywhere in the city. This is what we were dealing with.

I was looking through the archives for a good song that expresses the feeling of snow, because I have always felt that Music is supremely environmental. I believe this is true in a broad sense, with factors such as Homeland and Culture, and on a slightly smaller level, like one's situation within the above categories or even the particular home, but even on a more meta level, as with the specific climate of the day (see my previous post, How do you deal with the Rain?). For some, snow is a debilitating obstacle, but for me, snow is always rich with the feeling of childhood and wonder. Sometimes its hard to find music that has those qualities since most recorded music is built around more adult themes, (such as life, love, loss). However in perusing my more modern selections I came across a song that directly expresses my feelings.

Song #18: Animal Collective - Winter's Love

UPDATE: Ok, I couldn't leave you guys without a Biggie Sunday Song. Here is the coldest, iciest, most frosted rap collab between two of my favorite New York rappers ever. Warning though, super explicit, just like Ol' Dirty Bastard's entire life. If you have any favorite snow songs, or even if you just like the blog use the comments section to LET ME KNOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW.

BONUS SONG: Busta Rhymes featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard - Where's Your Money

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  1. Sung Tongs: one of my favorite albums for a 3- or 4-year stretch. A lot of there music is closely tied to the seasons as well as to very specific weather, for me.