Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Has Springed

Well it looks like Spring has sprung here in glorious New York City. Of course it would be less glorious if I were hung over like half the workforce and all of the City-Adjacent Firefighters, but I enjoyed myself sans Green Beer last night. The Weatherman says it could tickle 70 degrees today, so listen to this song real quick and then get off your computer, go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.Tell your boss that Every Day, Another Song said it was ok.

Song #106: The Velvet Undergound - Beginning to See the Light

1 comment:

  1. Man I havent been around here in a few days great song was just listening to it the other day along with pale blue eyes or whatever the name of that song is...Is it just me or does Steve-O(dont know if hes still alive) look like a young Lou Reed