Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Axl's Bizzack

One of the things I love the most about the new large screened iPods and other digi-victrolas, is that sometimes (if the person's library is organized the way it should be!) you can see what your travel companions are listening to. One time I saw an older lady who was totally the uptight librarian type, homely and serious clicking through her iPhone, then when she tilted it my way she was listening to Mos Def's Ms. Fat Booty.

So on that note today's song goes out to my man Marcus who I met riding the 6 train one morning last week. I was just flipping through my cover art when all of a sudden the guy next to me says...
"Hey man, you like Scarface?"
"Hell yeah I like Scarface"
Right between Sam Cooke, Serge Gainsbourg and Sharon Jones.

Marcus also has some varied taste. Besides liking Scarface, dude mentioned Meatloaf and Guns N' Roses; specifically that epic video where it rains so hard on Axl's wedding day that his brand new wife dies (Also Slash just gets up and leaves the ceremony to shred out a solo in the middle of the desert).

This experience inspired me to include Scarface as part of Hip Hop Appreciation Week, and then juxtapose that with the crazy video for November Rain by GNR as Bonus. There are a few cameos by some big stars in the songs below just to consider: Guess Who's Back features a verse by Jay-Z and a dope beat from a pre mega-douche Kanye West, while Axl extended a hand to fellow Lafayette, Indiana native, my favorite rocker, Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon to sing backup vocals and be stashed somewhere in 9 minute mini-film. Enjoy today's Hip Hop/Hair Metal combo.

Song #164: Scarface w/ Jay-Z - Guess Who's Back

BONUS SONG: Guns N' Roses - November Rain

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