Monday, June 14, 2010


Today is my wonderful Mom's birthday. She has always been a huge inspiration and influence on me and the fact I that I do this blog at all is because any ounce of work ethic I have, I inherited from her. Working at one of the most Historical Cultural Centers in the world has only spoiled me to seek the most interesting and authentic types of individuals and experiences in my life. This week we take a break from Rasta Mon-day to honor my mom with a serenade by a young poet by the name of Tupac Shakur. He sings about his mother (a woman I was lucky enough to hear speak in 2006 at college) like my mother is also a very strong and driven woman. HOWEVER, there are many differences between the two so all the dicey substance issues and the welfare stuff doesn't apply. But some parts still ring true...

all my childhood memories,
are full of all the sweet things she's done for me.
and even though I act crazy,
I gotta thank the lord that she made me.
you are appreciaited.

Song #191: Tupac - Dear Mama

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