Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bodyguard Named Betty

Hat tip to my good buddy (and frequent commenter) Sal, who sent me this Craigslist post from Philly. It's music involvement and quirkiness rivals my "Budos Butt" Missed Connection from earlier this summer.

Some "Al" out there has a very particular request. Since Craig deleted my post after a couple of weeks, I have copied the body of the request below:

Seeking Bodyguard Named Betty

I am a Paul Simon fan in my mid thirties. As my name is Al, for the past 20 years I've been searching for a friend named Betty with whom I could sing the Paul Simon song "You Can Call Me Al." Imagine how much fun we could have singing along with the lyrics and pointing at each other when our names are mentioned! We could sing it together on road trips with the windows down, at home with our stereos cracked loud, we can smile at each other knowingly when it's played in gas stations and grocery stores and text each other when we're apart and it comes on the radio. I'm especially looking forward to acting out our own version of the classic Paul Simon Chevy Chase music video. We can post it on Youtube!

Just to be clear, I'm not really looking for a bodyguard (that's a lyric from the song haha!) just a friend named Betty.

If you want we could maybe sing other Paul Simon songs at some point but I'd really rather we stick with our namesakes You Can Call Me Al. Of course I want proof your name is really Betty so when we meet I'll need to see a state issued photo ID with that name. I'll also accept Elizabeth, Roberta or Beatrix.

Please write back soon I can't wait to hang out
-Your long lost pal!!!

So the question is: Lonely, Paul Simon-loving weirdo, or Crazy, Psychopathic Murder? I say, no need to Pigeon hole him; why can't "Al" be both?"

Song #264: Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al


  1. Im gonna go with def a lonely guy named Al..I feel for you Al..Betty give him a call