Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jet Lag Continues

When I heard that animals like the Koala sleep 20 hours a day, I used to think that they slept 20 hours straight with a 4 hour day. Then when I went to Australia, I realized that Koalas just sleep basically all day, with a few minutes awake here and there equalling about 4 hours. Basically thats where I'm at right now. I have no idea how I'm going to get my work on tomorrow when I can't even go 5 minutes without slipping into a catatonic state.

Australia 2008

Today we take a break from Biggie Sunday to give credit to another kind of Gangster, Blind-Bluesman turned Tuvan Throatsinging Champion Paul Pena (Kesher 22, You guys know what I'm talking about). He didn't slang rocks on the corner, but his story of survival despite complete blindness is about as thug life as you can get.

Paul Pena 1950-2005

Today we have song he wrote that barely saw the light of day, but was lucky enough to get picked up by Smoker/Joker/Midnight Toker, Steve Miller. This hit would give Paul Pena all the royalties he'd need to scrape by for the rest of his days.

Song #245: Paul Pena - Jet Airliner

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  1. I just fell off my chair from laughing so hard!!! Miss you Matt :) -Dorie