Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

I apologize for the most recent and longest hiatus of my blogging career. Time has been flying by and I've been utilizing almost every moment of it. The first signs of spring have brought forth a bounty of amazing concerts and events to my small and humble towne and I have been taking in more than my fair share. 

Before I even begin to get into who I feel are the newest and hottest bands out there right now (not to mention the scoop on the NYC Area Summer Concerts) I would like to bring attention to the beautiful earth where I have spent every second of my life. It seems like nowadays we don't think of our over-arching Earth Mother unless we're holding something with the word Green on the label. Just take some time out today and all  days to appreciate this beautiful existence we have been afforded at the direct expense of the environment we share with every organism that has ever been known. 

Good to be back. Happy Earth Day. 

Demon Fuzz - Hymn to Mother Earth


  1. Thanks Matt- your tribute to Mother Earth reminded me of what is really important.
    Enjoy her goodness.