Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A long overdue makeover at the blog today. If you read EDAS via Email, RSS, or any other non-url based way, definitely head on over to the Homepage and check out the new look. I have been considering changing the layout for a very long time and I am happy to finally share the BRAND SPANKING NEW everydayanothersong.com with the world. I chucked the old man's bathroom wallpaper in favor of the vinyl look, widened the text margins (allowing for bigger pictures and videos), moved the gadgets to the right-hand side, flipped some sizes, fonts and colors and VIOLA! Feel free to leave any input in the comments section and enjoy the changes!

David Bowie - Changes

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  1. I read this website by having my personal assistant print it out every time there is a new issue. He complains that he needs a new size paper now, but I have to say, even from my black and white ink jet, those records look great!