Friday, July 22, 2011


Gosh it's hot out. We just broke a record in Central Park and I'm pretty earlier today I broke a record for fastest getting angry at the heat upon leaving one's house. Let's keep closing out our weeks on a high note with the flavor of the electro-month, SBTRKT

This British masked-marauder just dropped his debut album last month to a veritable heatwave of his own considering his white-hot reception from critics and artists alike. The album is a contradiction; beautiful old-world instrument sounds juxtaposed with borderline Dubstep production techniques. The sound SBTRKT is able to lay down is a completely elemental human vibe, one that our ancestors have been jamming on for thousands of years. What sets these apart from most ancient rhythms however, is you probably wont hear any other caveman jams in the Clubs this summer. Here is one of hottest singles off the album, Wildfire. Stay cool all.     

Sbtrkt featuring Little Dragon - Wildfire

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