Friday, August 12, 2011


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What did you think I was going for? 

Love him or hate him, Rod Stewart is one of the best selling artists of time. If you, like me, were born after 1975, you wouldn't know that Ol' Roderick used to wail with the best of them in one of the hardest rocking, hardest partying bands England has known, Faces. Before his catalog became saturated with 80's Soundtrack Ballads and he started trying to bang everybody's Mom (and getting his haircut like them too); he was touring the world in his wrestling-style leotard, blacking out, eating grapes and ruining entire towns of women.

In listening to him as a lead singer I really got to separate him from his reputation and hear how good of a frontman he actually is. Despite his enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his voice projects a gritty timbre that certainly came from the early years of RnB and singers like Otis Redding. Maybe it came from his early days digging graves, but Rod Stewart's soulful sound ranks up there with the best of them.
In Rod We Trust
Rod Stewart & Faces - Miss Judy's Farm

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