Sunday, March 11, 2012

Help Is On The Way

Don Robinson, sometimes known as the Rapping Bum, was a fixture of the, THE Ohio State Campus, walking up and down High Street amongst the studious ebb and raucous flow of young Buckeyes.  Some say he had been rapping up and those streets for over 20 years. That's so long, I actually wonder whether his mind began to process in rhyme. After he obtained enough money to buy food, I wonder if he ordered like that. It would probably prove difficult after a while, I mean what rhymes with Burrito?

It turned out he definitely wasn't a bum, technically he was a busker; and he had a home and from what I hear, a family. You could call him an independent artist who brought his music directly to the consumer on an intimate and high volume basis. Basically he walked up and down the street rhyming until you gave him money. He wasn't half bad either... Maybe in terms of true rapping, his flow lacked a little versatility; but in some ways, his throwback style of heroic couplets was a nod to Shakespeare.

The last time I saw Don Rob was at the day of my graduation. I knew I was coming back to New York City long-term so I just stood there, basking in his near-endless stream of street poetry. He touched on such varied and intellectual topics as sports, the economy, local cuisine, weather, politics, science, chivalry and Michigan Sucking. After what might have actually been 4 or 5 minutes, I slapped the few bills I had in my pocket into his hand and said, "Thanks." Regardless of what mood you were in, if you just failed a test, or got rejected at a raging kegger, somehow... just hearing his signature line, "Help is on the way" seemed to make it all better.

Word comes from C-bus that Don Robinson passed away this week, coincidentally during the same week of Biggie's Death 15 years ago. After scouring the internet I was able to find a youtube video of someone claiming to have bought one of his CD's. Obviously this song is called "Help is on the Way." Feels great to hear it one last time.

RIP Don, your help was always appreciated.

Don "The Rapping Bum" Robinson - Help Is On The Way

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  1. No confirmation in Dispatch obituaries for Don Robinson. Let's hope this is just a rumor - nobody had a bad word to say about him.