Saturday, March 24, 2012

Straight Fire

Guess who was just named Fire Warden at the office?

Yes... Yours truly. Now I'm not sure exactly what the responsibilities are, but I know what they ain't thanks to George Costanza.

Seriously you tell everybody to run. Obviously take the stairs, unless there's fire in the stairs, then take the other stairs. Now that that's off my chest, I want to congratulate my Ohio State Basketball team on reaching the Elite 8 in the NCAA tournement. Tomorrow/Today (depending on when you read this) The Buckeyes take on the Syracuse Orange (no longer 'Men') in a showdown that pits my alma mater against my mother and brother's. OSU, or as I call them, The Ohio Players, are gonna light it up and torch those chumps. Coach Thad Matta has ignited a flame deep within the team and they are going to incinerate their foes and blaze a trail to glory. See what I did there? No, but seriously the Syracuse colors are supposedly Orange and Burnt Orange.

This post wrote itself. 

Ohio Players - Fire

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