Thursday, May 31, 2012

Help Fund Quiet Loudly's New LP!

One of my favorite Brooklyn bands right now is in the midst of a grassroots efforts to make more music. How can you possibly disagree with that?

It has been several years since the last Quiet Loudly album and they are asking YOU to help support them as they record the next one. Using the popular crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, they have introduced all sorts of incentives to help them pay the exorbitant costs associated with recording an LP. For a few bucks you can have their most recent album, a few more you get all sorts of SWAG. If you are feeling more generous, these strapping young men will record the song of your choice and even cook you serenaded dinner. At they end they are planning to release an EP with all their crowd-chosen covers on it. They have already raised more money than they set out to, but in the weening hours of their efforts, I'm sure they will take all the last minute help they can get. 

I have been a big fan of QL for some time now and I would greatly recommend you donate at least the equivalent of a round of beers to their cause. The earth is in desperate need of more of their grungy, ambient, drowned-out surf sounds and you can help by donating to their  Kickstarter Campaign here, NOW! If you have any more questions, watch their informational video below and listen to their song at the bottom.

Hope to see you on the list at one of their next shows. There are only a few moments left to give, but a lifetime left to listen.

Quiet Loudly - Over The Balcony

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