Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitty Pryde drops OK CUPID

Here's a post from one of our newest contributors, THE BASED DOG.

Kitty Pryde is a white teenager* from Florida who takes her name from an X-Men character and raps. When I say she raps I mean she raps well. On her latest single “Okay Cupid” she spits about some of the traditional problems with internet dating. This particular boy kinda sucks and may or may not like her back. Her rhymes float softly over snares and cosmic instrumentals as she talks about looking forward to 3 am drunk dials from her boo.

If you care who the subject of the song may be, here's a little hint from the video. 

In this day and age, she is likely to draw comparisons to Kreayshawn because they’re both white and female and people will hate for those two reasons alone. Internet haters may complain that there’s no room for white girls in rap talking about liking boys but they’re missing the point. You can not like it but you can’t say her words not authentic to her and many others. She’s doing her and doing her well. The last thing this game needs is more actor rapper chattering about supposed crimes and jail times, or even worse... more actor rappers complaining about actor rappers. 

Kitty Pryde - OK Cupid

*Reports vary as to her actual age, some say 13, 17 or 19. I think she might be 73 and have that Benjamin Button disease.


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