Saturday, June 30, 2012

#EDAS Summer Space Update

All sorts of awesome things have been happening in space lately and if you haven't kept up, you've been missing out. Luckily, New York City's, Space Club Co-Founder and EDAS/UFO Correspondant, Deena, basically lives in outer space. She has a full rundown of all you need to know about our universe complete with a playlist of Cosmic Space Jams to send you over the moon.

Hey Humanoids, this has been a great season for celestial activity so far! First, there was an annular, or ring shaped, solar eclipse back in May.
The Big Picture
Next up was the Venus transit, which won't happen again until 2117. I probably did irreparable damage to my retinas trying to see a circle move in front of another circle but it was all in the name of science!
The Venus Transfer
Last week's solstice marks the official beginning of summer and there is a big announcement just around the corner. This Fourth of July, CERN is preparing to release information about the latest results of the experiments involving the Large Hadron Collider. Have they found the Higgs boson or God Particle? Have they cloned Geronimo? Have they finally created a Talking Heads reunion?

In honor of all this and the fact that space is the place in general, I've compiled this playlist of extra-terrestrial summer jams for your listening pleasure! We've got EDAS Favorites Dr. Dog, Patti Smith, a David Bowie cover and more. 
Yours in Cosmic Chaos,

You can read more by Deena Atkinson about her other passion, France at French Culture Guide.

M.I.A. - Space (David Starfire Remix)

Dr. Dog - That Old Black Hole

The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet

Aesop Rock - Bring Back Pluto

The Bad Plus - Life on Mars (David Bowie Cover)

Patti Smith - Space Monkey

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