Monday, July 30, 2012

Catalpa Recap // Reggae Mon-Day

This weekend I was a guest at the amazing Catalpa Music Festival. It was an outstanding inaugural event from top to bottom, but one of the all time highlights had to be the Reggae Stage.

It may be known to Rasta Mon-Day fans that I have a hot and cold relationship with the king of all reggae greats, Robert Nesta Marley. I have to say though, ever since this weekend it has been nothing but love. The Bob Marley Tribute band above did a beautiful rendition of the following song that has been playing in my head since Saturday. Enjoy a live performance by Bob and a full band (the only noticeable absence is the best of the I-Three's, Marcia Griffiths). You can even take this Mon-Day to the next level by watching the entire 1979 Santa Barbara Concert here.

Stay tuned all week for more pictures and words from Catalpa.

Bob Marley - Is This Love?

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