Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monumental Victories For Equal Rights!!

A big day for human rights as the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and returns Marriage Equality to California. In honor of the decisions made today in Washington D.C. I present one of the original Gay Rights Anthems, written by David Bowie and generously given to Brit Glam Rockers, Mott the Hoople. This song has spoken to the LGBT community since its release in 1972 due to lyrics like this:
"Now Lucy’s looking sweet,
Though he dresses like a queen,
He can kick like a mule, it’s a real mean team,
We can love, we can love"
These lyrics harken back to a time where the Stonewall Riots had just occurred. Homosexuals and alternative lifestyles as a whole were still highly marginalized if not violently targeted. Bowie's Lucy was not likely the stereotypical capri pants wearing, tea-cup yorkie holding, gay guy portrayed ad naseum in many media outlets. This Lucy was more likely a huge burly fellow who may have served in a war, ready willing and able to put the dukes up to defend his or herself and the corresponding way of life. If don't like seeing a 6 foot guy in a dress, big enough to be a linebacker... well tough luck Peppo, because this guy can change your mind by kicking a stiletto heel straight through it. 

For the non-violent protesters out there, think of All The Young Dudes as an "It Gets Better" Video 40 years before its time. I just don't think it makes any sense to have a government who control a who a person is attracted to. Today regardless of your political or religious beliefs, I think we can all take solace in the triumph of love over hate. 

Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes

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