Sunday, November 17, 2013

René Magritte Gets Surreal at MoMA

I just got back from the René Magritte Exhibit at MoMA. The way the Belgian surrealist deconstructed social concepts and juxtaposed them to familiar sights really has my mind in a twist. I really started getting into Magritte via my favorite philosopher, Michel Foucault, who referenced the famed "The Treachery of Images" and used it for the cover of his work "This Is Not a Pipe."

While looking through some of his later work I recognized his ubiquitous apple imagery from the painting "The Listening Room" on one of my favorite records. The powerhouse combo of Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood combine to do to your ears what Magritte does to your brain with this gem, Spanish Boots. 

Jeff Beck with Ron Wood and Rod Stewart - Spanish Boots

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