Friday, February 5, 2010

Dun Kicked 'em Out

Even though I have put a great amount of time and research into furthering and developing my musical tastes,  I must admit that certain people have had a larger impact on my library than others. One of these people came across in some of my more impressionable years, my old college roommate Dustin introduced me to so much music back in the day. A varied listener in his own right, there was a lot of music I had already listened to in a lesser capacity, but that's when I got really deep into some of the more moving records of my young life. A dominating characteristic overlapped our interests, Authenticity. He loved Hendrix but hated Stevie Ray Vaughan, he lauded Richie Haven's epic (yet sweaty) set to open Woodstock, and most steadfast of all even though I tried with all my might to change his mind, he could not forgive the Beatles for their saccharine-pop roots. I owe him a great amount for the input he has had on my musical journey and my deeper journey as a whole. We may live ways apart but I think about you all the time here in the City. This one goes out to you and that youngblood of yours, Dylan.

Happy Quarter Century Brother

Song #65: MC5 - Kick Out The Jams

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