Saturday, March 6, 2010


In less than one week this site will be 100 days old! To honor this momentous occasion I will be filling EDAS up with the Cremé de la Cremé of my musical library. Many of these artists have never been spoken about here because I tend to over analyze things... This entire blog has kind of been an exercise in Anti-Crastination if you will... I have felt for some time that many, who like me grown alongside the development of the internet, have fashioned a particularly devastating combination of Perfectionism and Procrastination. This situation leaves many insanely creative people to whither their talents away without any sort of production. It is almost as if the inflicted knows full well that they can create something entirely amazing and unique, but wont even begin the arduous task of creating it because it wont be perfect in that first second. Maybe its just me, but I have had trucks of ideas that have just been passed by the wayside because I never could get them off the drawing board. Learning to just go where your stream of consciousness takes you is a scary process of inner-faith, but once you overcome your own roadblocks of feeling down on your creation, it is an incredibly liberating feeling. In a roundabout way, I am just using this milestone as a celebration of overcoming my own battle with Perfectionism/Procrastination. Look forward to hearing about these Ultra VIP's because beginning tomorrow, I will be putting up my own personal Mt. Rushmore of Music by finally unveiling some of my most interesting and overall favorite artists.

You heard it. This is a very BIG week coming up here at EveryDayAnotherSong.COM, make sure to tune on in. Until then... another LMI.

Song #94: Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Tamacun

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