Sunday, March 7, 2010


I told y'all this week was gonna be BIG

If this week was my Mount Rushmore; Big Pun would be Mount Kilimanjaro... Off a league all his own and big enough to overshadow the whole thing. Pun is the biggest rapper ever, weighing 698 pounds at the time of his death in 2000, resulting from his rare condition of weighing 698 pounds. He was every bit as talented as he was obese. Not only was he the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull, but also the first Latin Rapper to go platinum, selling over 9 Million copies of his only living release Capital Punishment, and around 15 million records overall. Big Punisher broke down doors and smashed records, and those  aren't even fat jokes. His rhyme scheme is one of the most complex, hard hitting, intelligent styles in the history of Rap. Listening to Big Pun is like having your mind constantly blown. Kind of like seeing him before he used to beat up delivery men and steal their food.
It's like a reverse Amy Winehouse

Big Pun is the pinnacle of keepin' it real. When he had to knock someone out, he did it himself, when he did videos, he did his own stunts,  even after he hit it HUGE (fat joke) he still lived on the same block in the Bronx, parking his top shelf cars ON THE STREET. If you think you like rap, or even if you think you don't, do yourself a favor and grab Capital Punishment. 5 more to go before 100... more from the Pantheon tomorrow. 

Before then, the best rap line ever spit...

Song #95: Big Pun featuring Fat Joe - Twinz (Deep Cover '98)


  1. Thanks for Big Pun. Never heard of him before. Nice word play. Speaking of wordplay, Catherine and I re-listened to The Chronic this weekend. Great, GREAT lyricism, great beats, and I can hear what an influence it had on Eminem.

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