Monday, April 19, 2010



I can't believe we're dealing with a Volcano here. If the Eyjafjallajokul (yes, Eyjafjallajokul) Volcano would have erupted when I was 8 or 9, I would have had a completely uncontrollable Spazz-Out. Before the internet, Volcanoes were the coolest thing in the world. In fact, I call that period of my life my Lava Years. This was bound to happen to counterbalance all the adjustments being made by the constant Earthquakes. Hmm, there's really no way to write or read this post so far without being gently reminded of the Apocalypse. Probably best to move on.

In my opinion, some of the biggest victims are the Coachella Music Festival goers in Indo, California. Due to the Volcano, most of their European Acts such as Bad Lieutenant, Delphic, Frightened Rabbit, The Cribs, and Gary Numan all had to cancel.  Luckily here at EDAS, we keep all our Musicians safe in a series of nice little hard drives where they can never be harmed, unless I drop them, or spill on them, or I get a virus, or if it gets really humid, or if it comes into contact with any natural disaster, or stolen... Hmm, is anything safe anymore? Not when there's a Volcano on the loose.

Song # 135: The Band - Volcano 

BONUS SONG! You know I wouldn't leave you without a Volcano appropriate Reggae song for Rasta Mon-Day. Here is Fire Burning from my personal favorite, Bob Andy. The song comes fresh of the wax in this one. Listen to that warm hiss and crackle of the vinyl.

BONUS SONG: Bob Andy - Fire Burning

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  1. have you heard of Nneka? She's a German/Nigerian hip-hop artist with an amazing voice that I think you'd like. If you're not familiar with her, you should check out her album No Longer at Ease.