Sunday, May 23, 2010

Like a Ghost

I hope you enjoyed Hip Hop appreciation Week. If you listened closely you may be expecting the entirety of November to be dedicated as Hip Hop Appreciation month, at that point we'll be on the home stretch of this year long project and I'll definitely be using that month to further explore the depths and reaches of the collective musical psyche. But that is over a hundred days away so no need to get ahead of ourselves.

For today's Biggie Sunday Post, a brand new song from Jay Electronica, featuring the man who profited most from B.I.G.'s death, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. I'm not insinuating anything but the only business to make more money after Biggie died than Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment, was the Big-Faced-Rapper T-Shirt business.

I got

This song is a modern homage to The Notorious One. This track, produced by Quincy Tones was only released via Jay Electronica's twitter.

Song #169: Jay Electronica Featuring Diddy - The Ghost of Chris Wallace

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