Monday, July 26, 2010


As a child, I always went to sleep away camp during the summer. One of my favorite parts of camp was Color War. For those of you whose parents didn't banish you to the Pocono's yearly, Color War is when the camp staff wakes up all the kids one day to inform them that most of their bunkmates are now their sworn enemies, based on laundry. The camp is then divided into teams, each one with it's own color, and these teams go on to battle each other in different activities and cheering contests to see which team and color is reigns supreme. 

I'm pretty sure no team I was ever on actually Won color war, but it was a good time nonetheless and it helped me get good use out of all my Yellow clothes. So during my short excursion, during which I hope to be far far away from computers for as long as possible, I thought I would set up a Color War of my own, EDAS Style. 

Beginning today, I will unveil each Color specific team, with it's Team Captain, and then maybe at the end, the team with the most positive comments wins.

The first color in the inaugural Every Day, Another Song Color war is... RED!

Seeing how it is Rasta Monday, the captain for the Red team is none other than the most famous reggae star of all time, Robert Nesta Marley.

Other members include:
Otis Redding, Redman, Redbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Red Meat and Red Fox.

Song #232: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Redder Than Red

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