Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fear of Flying

I thought I would just let you readers know that next week I will be traveling overseas to Israel. Don't worry because the blog will obviously be taken care of, in fact I have a good set of songs lined up since I will not be able to post while I'm running around one of the newest countries, with some of the oldest cities in the world. I'll also let you in on another little secret of mine... I have a mild (to random-stranger-arm-grabbingly insane) fear of flying. Unfortunately, the land based travel options to the Holy Land are pretty slim, so I will be sucking it up and spending the better part of a full day flying in a metallic bird (WITH MY BROTHER) inhaling little babies coughs. Luckily I'll have a 60 GB iPod stocked with sweet sweet tunes. That should give me some time to delve deeply into some of the mini-collections I've received over the past few months from some of my colleagues who write for awesome blogs such as The Rising Storm and TinyMixTapes. So don't be surprised if when I return I start playing much more psych-country-garage and current Brooklyn experimental-noiserock (respectively).

Back on the subject of air travel... Despite my fear, I try to find solace in as many things as I can while I'm thousands of feet above an ocean. A short list follows below: 
  1. The excitement of impending journey
  2. The aforementioned quality music time
  3. Airport Bars (Except in this case, because my flight is at 8:00 am)
  4. Ever since I was a young child, in my most anxious and panicked state my coping mechanism has always been to immediately fall asleep (much like the fainting goats)
  5. Praying and Repenting
  6. Humming the song Jet to myself while thinking about Sir Paul McCartney's superb mullet from his Wings era. 
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P.P.S. Myotonic Goats... That's a band name. 

Song #227: Paul McCartney & Wings - Jet

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