Monday, July 19, 2010



This 1972 release by the best of reggae's second generation reggae deejays (a.k.a. toasters) captures the howling, yowling Big Youth at his most audaciously creative. Also known as the Human Gleaner, Youth scooped the latest "runnings" with more soul and wit than Jamaica's top newspaper. With no less than Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown providing backup vocals, Youth rocks word power here with riddim, melody, and wildman sound F/X. Who would have thought that Youth's chanted freestylings on tunes like the title track and "Solomon a Gunday" would form the core of what would become not only an enduring form but perhaps reggae's most inventive style? And who could have guessed that deejay style would take wing and fly to the Bronx, where it inspired American cousins to rap over their own beats? This LP is a prime example of where it all began, featuring a young, raw explosion of Jamaican genius. --Elena Oumano

Song #225: Big Youth - Screaming Target

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