Monday, November 29, 2010

Rasta Mind, Rasta Soul

If you have been listening at all, you know about Bob Andy. Quantitatively, you may know more about Alton Ellis, but sentimentally and culturally, you should know more about Keith "Bob Andy" Anderson (if you still don't, read my 96th Post). Recently I was pleasantly surprised to see that a favorite magazine of mine, Wax Poetics, came out with a Reggae Issue, but then I was basically floored to see a several page spread on my personal "Reggae Hero." The article is amazing and references all of Bob's influences from Doo Wop stars of the 50's to Sam Cooke to Bob Dylan and beyond. In fact, writer Seb Carayol, who does an extraordinary job, says his collection of Studio One singles Bob Andy's Songbook, "is often considered the island's best songwriting effort of all time." That means a lot when going up Jamaica's Head Honcho, Bob Marley. Anyway I sincerely hope you pick up Wax Poetics, Issue 43, and check it out, it also has articles about other EDAS All-Stars, Alton Ellis, Gregory Isaacs, as well as tons of other key Reggae Kings and Queens. It's bi-monthly so you probably have a few more days to before the next issue comes out, but I would definitely hop to it. 

On this, what very well could be the the final Rasta-Monday... hell, ever. I salute Bob Andy and his unparalleled song writing that, although written and recorded in the infancy of Jamaican Sovereignty, still holds true and offers sound advice today, when listened to almost 50 years later on Saturn's Moon Rhea, where we all live.  

Song #362: Bob Andy - Feeling Soul

I've decided to also include Bob's first big hit, which shot up the charts when struck a chord with all the Jamaican Expatriates who left home, looking for a better life. Interestingly enough, Bob has confessed that the home he references, is actually a state of mind.

BONUS SONG: Bob Andy - I've Got To Go Back Home

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