Friday, December 3, 2010

So I'm 25 (REDUX)

SURPRISE!! I knew I wouldn't be able to kick this habit Cold Turkey. I wish I could use strikethrough in the title because I am certainly not 25 anymore. Now as a 26 year old everything is different... Just kidding.

I've actually been doing a lot of introspection on this anniversary of my birth, wondering to myself, What exactly, if anything, has changed? Well I'm still here aren't I? If you care, you can time travel to exactly one year ago, when a spontaneous neurotic quarter-life crisis lead me to blogspot to create Every Day, Another Song. Heavily inspired by the concept and lyrics of my legitimate, number one favorite song (despite all my other superlatives, Change is my favorite for sure) I decided to embark on a year long journey. I wish I had a deep and clever, yet succinct lesson that I've learned during this experience, but what can I say? It's Life... All I know is, it goes by wildly fast, but there's music in all of it, if you are listening. 

Here are a couple alternate versions of the Song that started it all. The first is an acoustic Jam that takes place with the original Members of Blind Melon, including the late Shannon Hoon, possibly in the previously mentioned Sleepyhouse. The second video is from the band's most recent tour, almost 15 years later, and features Shannon's daughter, Nico on lead vocals. Just shows you how things definitely do change, but how much do they really?

Song #1 REDUX: Blind Melon - Change (Acoustic)

Song #1: Blind Melon with Nico Hoon - Change

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