Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tasty Barrels, Brah

Just got back from a week Hawai'i via the LAX redeye. I'm not going to brag with too many photos, but I did accomplish a life goal by learning to surf, otherwise known as 'catching tasty barrels, brah'. I even got my pic taken with longboard pioneer Duke Kahanmoku.
MK with The Duke
Check him out below by watching a technicolor video from WWII showing his gnarly moves. Then listen to a song by my all-time faves that they wrote about him while they spent time on the islands. I recommend turning down the volume on the first vid while cranking up the sound of the second. It really gives you the idea of how influential the waves can be to a group of landlocked 'murricans.

Blind Melon - The Duke

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