Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Penultimate 2009 Post

I hope you all are all getting your plans in order for NYE tomorrow. 2009 has been, for the most part, an overall wacky year. I feel that, as Americans, we have been all over the place and that we need to get back to some of the simpler, more natural things. I can think of no musical act that showcased more of a natural vibe then The Band. In today's musical climate of Auto-Tune, The Band would never have survived. There are tons of mistakes (or Artistic Decisions) in each song, but they tend to contribute more to the overall sound and feel of the album more than any amount of Robo-voice could. The Band played each concert, each rendition of each song, slightly different from any other time. It's one of the reasons they were able to keep things fresh and interesting on the road for as long as they toured. In essence, The Band toured so often they basically became musical story tellers, with the intricacies and details of the story changing each night. They passed their words on through song for many years and many miles but still remained humble. I will vouch for The Band, even with their "mistakes" they are one of the best rock groups in history, in fact, I have heard them referred to as "The Quintessential American Band.” The only problem with that statement... 4 out of the 5 of them are Canadian (These colors don't run, Levon). Today's song comes from one of my definite "Desert Island Picks". Listen to it all the way through (especially Side B) for the full effect, you will not be disappointed. Here is to 2010 being a much more good-humored and bountiful year.

Song #28: The Band - King Harvest (Has Surely Come) & Long Black Vail


  1. Blah, the lyrics are so bad in this, IMO. "I'm glad to pay those union dues, Just don't judge me by my shoes." gHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY

  2. Hey, I never said anything about the lyrics, unless you are a Civil War Buff, in which case contact me. Robbie Robertson and Crew did they best they could with what they had. It just speaks to the fact that the previous songwriter for this outlet was a small time gentleman named Bob Dylan. That is a hard act to follow.

  3. but hey it was Robbie Robertson who saw carmen and the devil walking side by side. The Band could write songs too.