Saturday, January 2, 2010


I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I went to THE Ohio State University, so I bleed Scarlet with an unusual Gray streak in it (Also I poop Pride Stickers). Yesterday, the Buckeyes ended a long streak of embarrassing themselves on National TV on significant Holidays. It had been crushing to lose so often on the big stage, but after a little bit of Oregon Duck Hunting, Terrelle Pryor and crew took care of business. I wanted to congratulate my fellow Buckeyes on our Rose Bowl Title with a little victory music. It appears though that Queen had no problem winning on the big stage. Their 1985 Live Aid performance (video below) was voted (albeit, by a bunch of biased Lobsterbacksthe greatest live gig ever. Congrats again to The Ohio State Buckeyes on their victory, and all the fans on our ridiculous patience. Now you can go burn your couches in a fit of happiness, instead of burning them in a fit of rage.

Song #31: Queen - We Are The Champions

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